Disto Laser Distance Meter
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Disto Laser Distance Meters from Leica

Checkline Europe introduces Leica's Disto Laser Distance Meters
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Disto D2 - The Smallest Laser Distance Meter!

The compact and handy base model was specifically designed for indoor applications. This laser distance gauge can calculate surfaces and volumes and add and substract values easily.
Disto D2 laser distance meter
Disto D3a - Distance Meter With 45 Tilt Sensor

High precision, minimal size and simple operation are the defining characteristics of this small size model. The instrument's built-in tilt sensor quickly and easily determines measurement angle up to 45.
Disto D3a laser distance meter
Disto D3a-BT laser distance meter Disto D3a-BT - Bluetooth & 45 Tilt Sensor

The Leica Disto D3a-BT has all characteristics of the Disto D3a. Additionally it offers the advantage of wireless, error-free data transfer to PCs and pocket PCs with the integrated Bluetooth technology.
Disto D5 - Zoom Camera and Tilt Sensor!

The built-in 4x zoom camera (pointfinder) makes taking outdoor measurements even easier! Additionally the user can measure angles up to 45 degrees with the built-in tilt sensor.
Disto D5 laser distance meter
Disto D8 laser distance meter Disto D8 - Bluetooth, Tilt Sensor & Zoom Camera!

The most versatile laser distance meter in the world! The Disto D8 is equipped with a Bluetooth interface for wireless data transfer, furthermore the distance meter has a 360 tilt sensor & a 4x color zoom camera.
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